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ASP and ASP.NET on IIS7 on Vista

For 90% of my web projects, I’m good with PHP configured under IIS7.  But there’s one that still needs “Classic ASP” support.  Since I’m on a new machine these days, I haven’t ever configured it to do development for this project.  Here are some tips to get that working on Vista:

  1. By default, turning on IIS in Vista doesn’t give you ASP or ASP.NET.  Go into Control Panel > Programs and Features (aka “Add/Remove Programs”)
  2. Turn Windows Features On or Off
  3. Under World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features check and enable ASP and ASP.NET 


  4. Next, for a development machine, it’s useful to turn on debug error messages.  Open IIS Services Manager (Right-click on your Computer and choose Manage)
  5. Click on your Server icon under the “Connections” pane
  6. Double-click on “ASP”
  7. Expand “Debugging Properties” and set “Send Errors to Browser” to True (only do this on your development machines) 



This link from Microsoft’s “Learn IIS” site was helpful.

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